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Dental Implants for the Aliso Viejo Area

A complete smile is important for at least two reasons.First, a complete smile makes it easier to enjoy nutritious foods that will benefit your overall health and wellbeing.Second, a complete smile will help you boost your confidence.A smile with gaps, by comparison, can make you feel self-conscious and withdrawn.Thankfully, Dr. Lauren Truong of Aliso Viejo offers dental implants, one of the most effective restorative dentistry services available.

 The Benefits of Dental Implants

Traditional crowns, bridges, and dentures can help you restore your smile’s functionality and appearance. But can they do it as effectively as dental implants? Not really. And the reason for that is dental implants restore more than just your missing teeth—they also restore your missing tooth roots.

Roots are what make a smile stable and firm. Besides anchoring teeth to the jaw, they also stimulate the jaw, causing it to produce new bone tissue. When you lose one or more roots, at least part of your jaw no longer has anything there to stimulate the growth of new bone tissue. That can lead to bone loss and, eventually, the loss of other teeth.

Dental implants, on the other hand, replace what traditional restorative dentistry solutions like crowns, bridges, and dentures don’t. They come in two parts: your crown and a prosthetic root made of titanium. Because titanium is a biocompatible metal, it will bond with the bone in your jaw over time and even stimulate the growth of new bone tissue, creating a naturally strong smile that could last for the rest of your life.

The dental implant process comes in two phases. In the first, an oral surgeon will place your implants in your jaw. How many implants you receive will depend on whether you’re replacing one tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire row of teeth. During the second stage, Dr. Truong will attach your new teeth to your implants.

But to qualify for the implant procedure, you have to be a candidate. If you’d like to know if you’re a candidate for dental implants, Dr. Truong would be happy to help you. Call Pacific Park Dental Care in Aliso Viejo if you’re ready to find out. With a simple consultation visit, Dr. Truong can help you understand what your options are and what the next stage of your treatment is.