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Children’s Dentistry for the Aliso Viejo Area

As a mother of two young children of her own, Dr. Lauren Truong has always enjoyed treating children of all ages in her Aliso Viejo dental office. And with so many people fearful of the dentist, easing stress from the very beginning is important. Dr. Truong is dedicated to creating great dental experiences for all of her young patients.

After all, children need healthy smiles just as much as adults do. And as a children’s dentist with years of experience, Dr. Lauren Truong is ready to help your little one from the moment they get their first tooth. But starting a child off on a first visit without any prior exposure to dentists or dental offices can be an occasion for anxiety. That’s why Dr. Truong recommends bringing your child in on one of your own visits first. With a visit like this, your son or daughter can get to know our Aliso Viejo office and the friendly faces of Dr. Truong and her team. Then, when it’s time for your little one’s own tooth-by-tooth exam, the experience will be more relaxing and less stressful.

Once your child begins seeing a children’s dentist, regular checkups are important. Regular visits are important for anyone, of course, but during these early years they give Dr. Truong a chance to teach your child about brushing and flossing. With years of children’s dentistry experience behind her, Dr. Truong knows how to talk to kids about brushing and flossing. Together, you and Dr. Truong can give your little one the important advice they need to brush and floss effectively.

Why is it so important to develop healthy habits like these at a young age? Because when careful brushing and flossing become a habit, they stand a good chance of staying with children as they grow. What’s more, with subsequent children’s dentistry visits at our Aliso Viejo office, we can continue to reinforce those same lessons as they grow into teens and then adults. But it all starts with parents like you who are dedicated to seeing their little one build healthy smiles through regular preventive checkups and cleanings with a children’s dentist.

To reserve a children’s dentistry appointment for your child, call Pacific Park Dental Care today. We serve patients of all ages from Aliso Viejo and beyond.